Personal development coaches and experts talk about career life. What is it like building a career in the 21st century? Follow these blogs to stay updated with news articles, interviews, and career guidance.

Hays: Career Advice

Hays is a professional recruiting group based in Australia. The company specialises in recruiting skilled people and qualified professionals. Read expert career advice that will guide you at every stage of your career. Update your resume and learn how to ask for a pay rise. Get news about modern careers and industry developments.


Joey Trebif writes from New York. He is a long-running financial services executive with more than two decades of experience in career guidance. Joey talks about cover letters, resumes, career opportunities, and how to launch your dream career. Get advice on approaching interviews and more. This blog will help you in your job search.

Career Geek: Employment

Career Geek is based in the UK, and it provides updated resources and information about career life and talks about work opportunities for graduates and young people. Career Geek posts interviews and valuable information about landing your first job interview. The blog provides guidance and tips on preparing for the job market.

On the Job

On the job, writes from Wyoming in the US. The blog gives useful career advice. The host, Anita Bruzzese, is a popular journalist who addresses various issues in the workplace. The blog covers topics ranging from avoiding mistakes in the workplace and engaging in responsible online activities at work.

Adventures in Career Development

Tristram Hooley takes readers on an educational adventure through the job market. Hooley writes from Leicester, England, and he has written extensively about the workplace. He covers topics like personal growth and career development, and career education.

She Owns Success

Antonette Oloo is a London-based award-winning journalist. She loves to inspire women to think about their personal career development. She believes any woman has the power to run a successful enterprise. She aims to unlock women’s strengths and talents.

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