7 Questions That Will Give You More Clarity About Your Career Choices

Career Guidance

Every person studying or pursuing a career needs to do a little introspection before committing to a particular field or industry. Use these questions to get more information about your career prospects.

1.    How Can I Grow And Build on My Career Strengths?

Discover how you can grow and develop your skills as an employee. There is always room for improvement, and as you learn new things, you can become more competent in your respective field.

2.    What Are The Career Prospects For The Industry You’re Interested In?

Is there a possibility for growth in your career? The industry you are currently working in should provide you with enough opportunities to work yourself up. Working without the possibility of promotion can be discouraging.

3.    Will Prospective Employers Find My Resume Appealing?

Your resume needs to be short and powerful. Companies don’t have time and money to read through a ten-page resume. Don’t list work experience and qualifications that are irrelevant to your prospective job or current line of work.

4.    How Can I Optimise My Career Development?

You need to find every opportunity to stand out at work. Take incentive when no one else does. Arrive at work early and get tasks done before deadlines to ensure that you continue to deliver quality work.

5.    Does My Career Role Help Me To Stand Out Against Competitors?

Qualifications and experience on your resume will help you when you go job hunting. When you have spent enough time and energy on your career role, you can compete with other individuals and job applicants with the same job prospects.

6.    Where Can I Find Resources and Information About My Career?

You will need time to gather resources and information about your career. This research will help you to decide if the career is for you. Career counsellors and various online sites provide free counselling and advice. Conduct interviews with relevant professionals in the field you are interested in to find out more about your prospective career.

7.    Are Networking Opportunities Available?

Networking is an essential part of many careers and a proven way to get ahead in your field or industry. Use online platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook to connect with professionals in your intended industry. Try to engage with people at a work-related event and form connections with colleagues.

There are many options for career professionals to explore whether they strive to grow and develop in their current career situation or if they are aiming to change career paths in the future. Follow AGCAS Scotland for career guidance.